What Not To Wear…

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I am going to ask Pat Benatar to remake her hit, Love Is A Battlefield.

The new rendition, Religion Is A Battlefield.

I have often thought how ridiculous it is that most wars are waged in the name of God or nowadays, Allah.

Makes no sense.

The latest religious hypocritical inspiration is the issue in France over Muslim women wearing Burkinis.

Recently, four French police were seen ticketing a woman for failing to “wear an outfit respecting good morals and secularism” on the shore of the Promenade des Anglais in Nice.

Another incident involved a mother of two who was fined on the beach in Cannes wearing leggings, a tunic and a headscarf.

A witness to the scene said, “The saddest thing was that people were shouting ‘go home’, some were applauding the police.”

The woman’s daughter was crying.

Authorities in at least 15 French towns have implemented bans on the burkini, citing concerns about clothing that “overtly manifests adherence to a religion” in the wake of recent terrorist killings in the country.

The designer of the burkini created the beach outfit to provide women freedom, not to have it taken away.

Sunbathing topless remains permissible.

Living by the beach, every weekend I wish that some people, both men and women, would don a similar swimming garb…way too much public display of bodily information.

In all seriousness, this should not be the French government’s obsession.

Aren’t we ever going to get beyond prejudice? It seems to be the bully decade. Someone, somewhere is always being castigated.

No castigation just castration for the biggest bullies like Trump, Co-op Board Presidents, anti-semites, anti-gays, racists, Dallas Cowboy fans, sexual deviants…all those ignorant sluts who do not respect difference.

The burkini issue is a distraction from the real business of safeguarding France from radical Islam.

The most destructive proponents are not women in scarves sitting on the beach, but young, impressionable, misguided, uneducated, angry men.

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