Big is Better.

That must be the mantra of the classic L.A. breakfast perennial hot spot, Griddle Cafe.

The cafe is small and innocuous, squeezed into the 7900 block of Sunset and Fairfax in Hollywood.

The pancakes and french toast are hometown favorites.

We arrived by 8:25am and were immediately seated.

The Griddle Cafe
The Griddle Cafe
Line Up
Line Up

By 9am, there was a line down the block.

We were in need of a Griddle education.

Our server praised the french toast so David was sold.

I wavered and then realized someone had to order pancakes.

I threw in my vote for fresh blueberry pancakes.

I thought about sharing with my husband, but the server nixed that idea.

Gluten is not Courtny’s friend so she opted for the baked potato omelette.

BLUESberry Pancakes
BLUESberry Pancakes

When my BLUESberry pancakes arrived I accepted them with stunned silence ($11.95) .

A pictured says a 1000 words so just take a look!

The blueberries were fresh and the stack of three, enormous. They were topped with blueberry sour cream.

French Toast
French Toast

The French Toast was light and delicious. No need for syrup ($12.95).

Baked Potato Omelette
Baked Potato Omelette

Courtny’s Baked Potato Omelette was delectable, brimming with fresh scallions, griddle potatoes, sour cream and cheese ($12.90).

The coffee was lousy, but my water was cold and refreshing.

Not everything can be perfect.

BLUESberry Pancakes
BLUESberry Pancakes

I could not even finish one pancake.

The table next to us was very interested in my pannies so I passed the blueberry pancakes forward.

You can seriously dine at Griddle Cafe and order one item to share between two hungry people.

I now know why it is an institution…the food is delicious, generous, consistent and reasonably priced, especially  in light of the portion size.

No celebrity signings Saturday…rumor has it The Griddle Cafe is the perfect spot for star photos.

The Griddle Cafe 7916 Sunset Boulevard Hollywood, California. Open Monday-Friday 7am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm. Street parking.


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