Fickle Fans…

NY Yankee, Alex Rodriguez photo:Cj Gunther/European Pressphoto Agency
NY Yankee, Alex Rodriguez photo:Cj Gunther/European Pressphoto Agency

Perhaps I am too pragmatic.

I love hard and I dislike hard.

No in between.

I am not a fan of hypocrisy.

Wednesday night I was watching the NY Yankees play their nemesis, the Boston Red Sox.

As always, the game was contentious.

For those who live in a world devoid of sports, the NY Yankees superstar, renown steroid cheater and playboy, Alex Rodriguez, is concluding his Yankee career on Friday.

It is pretty much a force out.

During Tuesday’s game, the fanatic Red Sox fans were screaming for A-Rod to play.

Lately, he has spent most games on the bench due to an overall poor performance this season.

Wednesday night, the Yankee manager substituted A-Rod in the 7th inning of the game.

The Boston fans lost their shit and were collectively on their feet, boos bouncing off the Green Monster for an extended period of time.

While voicing their dislike for A-Rod, the crowd was frantically taking photos of one of his last appearances at the plate.

The message…I hate your guts, but I want a photo of you for posterity.

A-Rod has a checkered past, but he did achieve greatness.

Alex wants to be remember as someone who tripped and fell and got up again.

Is he a polarizing figure in baseball?

A-Rod vs Boston Red Sox
A-Rod vs Boston Red Sox

You bet your PED’s, but the Sox fans should have played nice and given him a standing O.

Let us not forget that Big Papi (Boston Red Sox, David Ortiz) also tested positive for PED’s.

This is Ortiz’ swan song and he is having a jubilant farewell season.

Go figure, but then again look whose is running for president.

It’s crazy out there.


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