Cell or Sex…

photo: nydailynews.com
photo: nydailynews.com

Rumor has it that millennials are having less sex then other generations.

I am just throwing it out there, but it is very difficult to satisfy your partner while you are taking a selfie.

I know millennials are all about social media and entitlement so maybe they have an understanding regarding mutual satisfaction.

Perhaps there is sexual creativity employed with a selfie stick…I’m just saying.

Observing millennials on dinner dates, who only appear to engage with their phones, it is challenging to achieve relatability when there is always something between you.

When Harry Met Sally photo: telegraph.co.uk
When Harry Met Sally photo: telegraph.co.uk

Maybe they have text sex which can be awkward in public …I’m envisioning a 2016 remake of, When Harry Met Sally/the restaurant orgasm reenactment.

My interest was peaked when I read about a new study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior journal that finds younger millennials are more than twice as likely to be sexually inactive in their early 20s as Gen Xers were.

Compared with baby boomers, millennials look like nuns and priests.

In this swipe right Tinder generation, I am told that the dating pool sucks.

I am not looking, but I know many smart, beautiful, successful young women who would like to meet someone, not just for sex, but a potential life partner.

The dating pool is murkier than the diving pool at the Rio Olympics.

Have dating apps turned millennials into distant, affection phobic asexual robots?

Has readily available internet porn become an easy, anti-social alternative?

Millennials, here’s a suggestion from a Baby Boomer.

Put your phones down, stop posing, snap  those selfie sticks in half, google social etiquette and brush up on interpersonal skills.

I just don’t buy that people born between 1982-2004  are all too busy working.

I think many millennials are too socially inept, self involved and unpracticed to engage in sex.


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