Doesn’t anyone ever have anything positive to say?

I am drowning in negativity.

Maybe I should head to the beach today with a good book.

Oh, darn. I momentarily forgot.

The beach is no longer an escape. There are now homeless people encamped on the beach, garbage strewn on the pristine sand and waste washing to the shore.

Nothing like a salt encrusted hypodermic needle to brighten your day.

Forget that.

TV and all forms of social media churn out bad news 24/7.

The Yankees were sellers at the August 1st trade deadline, bye bye Andrew Miller, one of the 2016 season’s only highlight…oh, the pain.

The market is down…again.

The Olympics start this week…not up to Gold Medal standards thanks to chaos in Brazil.

It’s an average of 3 degrees warmer this year than last, but their is no global warming according to the dynamic duo of Trump and Pence.

Devastating…my hair salon just raised their prices, again.

An ISIS captive just confessed that there are hundreds of extremists back in Europe after being trained in Syria, dedicated to committing terrorist acts.

TRUMP…need I say more.

The list goes on.

I think I will adopt the Scarlett O’Hara philosophy.

“Oh, I can’t think about this now! I’ll go crazy if I do! I’ll think about it tomorrow…After all…tomorrow is another day.”

Please, go out there and have a positively positive day…one day at a time.


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