Walking Towards The Light…


Friday, I went toward the light.


Walking the very long hospital corridor, with blinding sunlight impairing the view, walls painted dead white, occupied by not one single human being, a stark hallway devoid of furniture or embellishment, all I could think about was this was a sign.

Dead woman walking to radiology.

I have been struggling with high blood pressure accompanied by abdominal pain.

My doctor suggested AAA…no, not joining the American Automobile Association, but having an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm ultrasound.

Those words struck terror into my heart.


My father died of an abdominal aortic aneurysm…he also had high blood pressure.

The past week was a long one, filled with fear and foreboding.

You see, I am my father’s daughter in so many respects and I just assumed that my fate was sealed.

Accompanied by my rock, aka my husband, I faced my fears and boldly headed into UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica.

I kept positive thoughts during the ultrasound, assuming the state of mind that I employ during the two minute drill at the end of a NY Giants football game.

 Unlike the 2015 Giants, I was victorious.

The way out

My exit was much less challenging than my entrance.

At least I know that the probability of checking out right now is less of a possibility.

So, peeps, go forth, prosper, participate in random acts of kindness, enjoy life and good health, recycle, don’t text while driving, Stand With Hillary, and remember, Love Trumps Hate.

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  1. liz ketaineck says:

    Hope all continues to go well, Toby.

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