Greetings…I’m back up on my soapbox.

Apparently, citizens of the good ole U.S. of A. don’t trust Hillary Clinton.


I assume that the lack of trust is based on the emails written on Hillary’s private email account.

She is a woman?


Women should know their place and it isn’t at the top of the ticket?

Has anyone witnessed repercussions from private information in those emails? Was there an attack on America that was not reported? Was national security breached?

Have we ever considered that it was an error of ignorance? Are we mindful of the fact that people over the age of 60 are just not that tech savvy?

What about the millions of dollars spent on the emailgate that has not unearthed concrete results?

Sloppy was the findings.

The conservative online magazine, American Thinker, estimated that the FBI tab alone would be north of $20 million, not including what was spent by the State and Justice Departments.

If we appropriated the landfill size pile of wasted money and funneled it towards education perhaps those leading the charge would be bright enough to not be so vengeful and wasteful.

Why haven’t Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell been thrown under the bus for doing the exact same thing when they were Secretary of State?

Wasn’t 9/11 under their watch?

I have to give it to the Republicans…they are the best darn spin doctors.

So I am to assume that people trust The Donald even though he cheated on his first wife, has been married three times, doesn’t pay his bills, hates universally, spends years in litigation, ripped many trusting people off with his Trump University.

He is a bully, allegedly influenced his father to cut his older brother out of his father’s will, declared bankruptcy and is viewed by many as a sexist.

Sure, this all makes sense.

Any answers to the questions?

America, wake the fuck up.


    I decided to follow the RNC…i’m truly and genuinely astonished.

    • Be afraid, be very afraid. Wish I could do more than blog against Trump, contribute money and vote. Herr Trump MUST be stopped!! Wish you could vote!!

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