Endless Opps In NYC…


Only in New York…

It was a free Saturday.

No obligations. My mom was being entertained.

We woke to a grey day.

Watched some awesome tennis as Serena Williams battled Angelique Kerber for the Wimbledon title.


5 minutes before the start of The Secret Life of Pets, the match ended with a 22nd championship win for Williams.

We dashed over to the movie theater and caught the early bird showing.

The place was packed.

The animation was amazing, but I cry, “False advertising!”

I was hoping to garner insight into what my dogs do when I exit home.

Instead, it was a sewer adventure that I could have lived without, thank you very much.

Unscathed, we headed home to gussie up for our NYC adventure.

The Smith Lincoln Center
The Smith Lincoln Center

We had a coffee outdoors at The Smith near Lincoln Center and watched the passing parade of humanity with their Bed, Bath & Beyond packages, a few J.Crew and a plethora of tourists with their must haves from Century 21.

We strolled over to the Museum of Modern Art which was jammin’.

The Rose, Isa Genzken

There were so many people that we headed to the gardens to chill for a bit and took in some new sculptures from Calder’s, Sandy’s Butterfly to Isa Genzken’s, Rose and Picasso’s, She-Goat.

We rejoined the masses and browsed the permanent collection which smelled like a locker room, but was must gentler on the eyes.


Masterpieces abound.

Bruce Conner
Bruce Conner

We introduced ourselves to Bruce Conner: It’s All True which did not mesh well with our sensibilities, but we tried to expand our horizons.

We had already seen the Degas exhibit twice so we just said, no.

During our wandering, we unearthed the Terrace 5 cafe which has a grand view of the Sculpture  Garden.

Terrace 5

We pretended to be cultured adults and were seated at a prime location, indulging in a glass of Prosecco and a mini cheese tray…how pinky’s up, hoisting some bubbling at the museum.

We forged our way down to the lower east side and hooked up with a restaurant favorite, Wildair.

No wait at the usually packed place.

Potato Daphin with Uni
Potato Darphin with Uni

We ordered our favorite Little Gem salad, Potato Dauphin with sumptuous uni and fried squid along with adult beverages.

Fried Squid
Fried Squid

We chatted with a soon to be married couple from our nation’s capital, sharing restaurant favs and moseyed on.

We strolled through the lower east side which bled into SoHo to the subway at Varick and Houston, damp from the humidity which enveloped the evening.

We made it home before the deluge and in time to see the Yankees win in extra innings.

A perfect day…I love New York.

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