The Path Less Traveled…

Hudson River Bike Path
Hudson River Bike Path

Just go straight.


Hop on a bike and cruise the visually enticing Hudson River Bike Path.

Not only do you feel the burn, but you are stimulated by art, architecture and nature.

Hudson River Pathway
Hudson River Pathway

The great outdoors has never been so appealing.

Last weekend we started our bike tour at 70th Street and the river.

Pier i Cafe
Pier i Cafe

We indulged in a cappuccino at Pier i Cafe.

The food and drink is quite good and the view a 10.

We headed downtown taking in the placid Hudson River which looked as smooth as glass.

The foliage and plantings were in full bloom.

The city is on fire with new construction especially the new development at Riverside Center and the Hudson Yards.

High Line
High Line

The High Line was visible along with all the  angular structures shooting up in that ‘hood.

The Freedom Tower dominates the skyline in lower Manhattan and the bike path is finally open all the way to the Ferry Building.

We took a sharp right across from the Freedom Tower and took the path along the river through Battery Park.


Battery Park is a world unto itself dominated by families.

Brookfield Place is a major draw.

Situated in what was originally known as the World Financial Center, it is located across West Street from the World Trade Center site in the Battery Park City neighborhood.

Brookfield Place
Brookfield Place

The mall is completely occupied, featuring J.Crew, Michael Kors, Gucci, Burberry, stalls of fine food and a new gourmet grocery store.

Brookfield Place Gourmet Groceries
Brookfield Place Gourmet Groceries
Statute of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

At the end of the path, we paused to absorb the beauty of the Statue of Liberty.

Doing a 180 after circling the Ferry Building we crossed the westside highway and entered the 9/11 Memorial Plaza which is now open to one and all.

9/11 Park
9/11 Park

Since our first visit the park has matured and is glorious.

It was packed with tourists and is a touching tribute to those we lost.

We saved the best for last.

The Art Students League showcases  artwork along the path running from 57th to 70th Street.

It is on display from June 16-May 16, 2017.

Bike riding is not permitted along the stretch by the river.


It is worth it to walk and take in the work displayed against the rippling water, blue sky with the George Washington Bridge suspended in the background.


Enjoy the museum quality tour.


The Devil aims to entertain and stimulate.



This path must be taken.

Hudson River Bike Path runs the entire length of Hudson River Park from Battery Place at the southern tip of Manhattan to W59th St. where it connects with Riverside Park South. The path was built and is owned by the NYS Department of Transportation.

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