A Mother Of A Father’s Day…


Contemplating Father’s Day and wondering why the word FATHER is never taken in vain or has undertones like the ‘Mother’ moniker.

Does anyone ever say “FatherF-cker” or that was a FatherF-cker of a day?

How about ‘Your Fatha!’ People always say, ‘Your Moma’.

I have never played the game, ‘Father May I’ it’s forever, ‘Mother May I.’

Why is it always the Mother of all storms…fathers rage.

NFL players never mouth, “Hi Dad” on TV. Salutations are always to mom.

On Father’s Day, just an Aha moment.


So my husband and father of our daughter had a MotherF-cker of a great day yesterday.

We led up to the event with Metrosexual Machinations…facial, spa mani and pedi all paid for by the mother of all mothers.

Conservatory Gardens
Conservatory Gardens

The day encompassed a glorious breakfast, a vigorous ride on the stunning Hudson River bike path culminating  in a stroll through the gorgeous Conservatory Garden in Central Park.

Impressive retail therapy was bestowed, heartfelt cards exchanged and a grand feast consumed at the delectable new restaurant, Covina.

Father’s Day, June 19th, 2016…it was a Mother of a day.


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