I Am Jonesing for Pasquale…


Recently experienced a Super Sunday.

Wandered through the many diverse and intriguing ‘hoods in New York City.

Everything was in bloom.


The small parks were inviting and manicured, the neighborhood folk gathered together chatting, painting, reading, and enjoying a gorgeous Sunday in the city.

Ten miles later we ended our journey at Pasquale Jones, one of the hottest new restaurants in Manhattan.

The name was chosen because it conjures up fun…delicious pleasure.

Pasquale Jones comes from the team comprised of Ryan Hardy and Robert Bohr who opened Charlie Bird three years ago.

Chef Tim Caspare, Pasquale Jones photo:villagevoice.com
Chef Tim Caspare, Pasquale Jones photo:villagevoice.com

Charlie Bird Chef, Ryan Hardy, is working with Chef Tim Caspare, a veteran of Quince and Cotogna in San Francisco.

We arrived at 5:15 to secure a table for the 5:30 opening.

5:30 on a Sunday does not qualify us as Early Birders.

Early dining was a matter of convenience as we live uptown and Pasquale Jones is way the hell downtown.

Pasquale Jones
Pasquale Jones

I have been searching online reservations for a month and the earliest reservation was 9:15pm.

The host came outside to take our names. There were 10 other hungry patrons awaiting the feeding frenzy.


The restaurant is very welcoming and comfortable.

Pasquale Jones
Pasquale Jones

The flower arrangement was gorgeous, the Stefano Ferraro pizza ovens from Italy were blazing, the bright yellow espresso machine sparkled and the Zolta glassware spelled class and elegance.


We ordered a half bottle of Albe barolo partly because we wanted to unwind from our hike and also because who could refuse drinking from the attractive stemware.


The Vajra Barolo Albe was so delicious we requested the other half.

So much for moderation ($80), but we weren’t driving, a distinct advantage over LA when out and about.

Alex, the sommelier, was a delight and guided us through the impressive Italian dominated wine list.

Sugar Snap Pea
Sugar Snap Pea

Our first course was a sublime Sugar Snap Pea salad with watercress, pecorino and cultured cream with deliciously delicate hints of lemon. I cannot wait to recreate the salad ($17).

Charcoal Grilled Squid
Charcoal Grilled Squid

The Charcoal Grilled Squid with wild chickpea and purslane made me feel as if I was dining in Greece. The squid was grilled to perfection ($18).

Littleneck Clam Pizza
Littleneck Clam Pizza

I had read a great deal about the Littleneck Clam Pizza and it did not disappoint. The pizza was embellished with parsley, lemon and cream ($24).

I never thought that I could eat a clam pie that rivaled the legendary Peppy’s Pizza in New Haven, Connecticut.

Pasquale Jones clam pizza serves up big time competition.

We did not indulge, but Pasquale Jones does only one dessert nightly, typically fruit cooked in the wood burning oven and served with ice cream.

Pane Carasau
Pane Carasau

Our neighbors ordered the Pane Carasau with warm ricotta, black pepper & honey ($9).

They raved.

Martelli Spaghetti
Martelli Spaghetti

They also selected the Martelli Spaghetti with blue crab and squash blossom ($24).

It was purportedly light and flavorful.

Pasquale Jones exudes a relaxed, comfortable environment duplicating dining in someone’s home.

Zolta Stemware
Zolta Stemware

The staff, table appointments and food are all stellar.

This delectably enjoyable dining establishment is definitely worth the effort.


Pasquale Jones 187 Mulberry Street New York City. Open Tuesday-Saturday 5:30-11pm. Sunday 5:30-10pm. Closed Mondays. Walk-ins accepted. Limited reservations on Resy. Service included in pricing.


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