Movie Madness…

The Lobster
The Lobster

What’s happened to movies?

There used to be a plethora of entertaining and intelligent films to choose from.

The prices have gone up and the quality has gone down.

Case in point, I took in two movies recently…both with excellent reviews.

I adore lobster so between the reviews and my salivary glands, I was drawn to the film.

The Lobster was one of the worst films I have ever seen. Inane, boring, stupid, vapid.

I want  2 hours of my life back.

The Lobster is as empty in meaning as the movie poster.

This may have tainted my desire for seafood.

Love & Friendship
Love & Friendship

The second critically acclaimed movie was, Love & Friendship. 11 people were in the theater and 8 left leaving my family.

Sidebar: Apologizes to the lovely and talented Cathy. I am so sorry that I cheated on you. I will make it up,..bright side, I saved you $13.

It’s summertime and I have nothing left to see. I am not into horror films, Turtles or misbehaving neighbors.

Other than walking, reading, window shopping and bowling, does reasonably priced entertainment still exist?!

Get your shit together Hollywood and take the millions you are squandering and make  quality, viewable films.



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