More Island Bliss…


Yesterday, I found myself on yet another island.

Without the aide of sun, white sand, turquoise waters and a mango daiquiri, I still found paradise on the island of Manhattan.

I strolled the rolling greens of Central Park.


I encountered a fabulous a cappella group entertaining the waiting throngs to scoop up free tickets for Shakespeare In The Park.


I ran into my sax playing friend serenading the crowds by Bethesda Fountain and the ripping waters of the Lake.

I was amused by Cirque du Soleil in the afternoon.

My mojo continues as I was presented with an orchestra seat for just being me.

Paramour cost $25 million to mount…twice the price of the Broadway juggernaut, Hamilton.


Paramour is distinguished from most other Cirque productions by the use of a script with dialogue and original songs.

The Cirque du Soleil sections of Paramour on Broadway were up to the usual Cirque high standards.

Contortionists, jugglers, trapeze artists and tumblers abound.

Paramour on Broadway
Paramour on Broadway

Human pyramids and extraordinary hand to trapeze (a woman travels between a male porter on the ground and one on a trapeze, representing the love triangle) are spellbounding, but the sophomoric musical about a love triangle set in Hollywood’s Golden Age, involving a film director, his muse-like star and a composer, is less than appealing.

Children may appreciate it the eye candy, but I would not recommend for the discerning theatergoer.

Afterwards, I took in the sights of Fifth Avenue.

I traded in the Mexican sunset for the colors of J.Crew, Zara and Bergdorf Goodman.

I savored a lovely rose at Landmarc bar with a view of the upper west side and Central Park.

It was a gorgeous day in NYC. Mid 80’s, no humidity. It was necessary to lather myself with SPF 30.

Paradise found, yet again.

Central Park's Great Lawn
Central Park’s Great Lawn


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