Mother/Daughter Tag Team…


Saturday dawned clear, cool and radiant.

I had a Get Out Of Jail free card…no obligations, errands or annoying commitments.

My husband and I walked to town, enjoyed breakfast outside and then I connected with my daughter to see what she was up to.

Our options were to take the doggies on another walk, see a movie or retail therapy.

After ruling out option #1, I cogitated about the movies, but my east coast mentality hindered the process as movies are for inclement weather outings or after nightfall.

courtny in pool

It appears we were down to retail therapy, an art form my daughter and I have mastered since her infancy.

We bid adieu to the doggies and climbed into Courtny’s shiny new car and headed for the Grove, a shopping mecca in mid-city Los Angeles we rarely grace.

The traffic on the 10 freeway at 10:30am on a Saturday morning  was stupefying. Where the hell is everyone going?

We took the off ramp at Fairfax.

I could not believe the size of the homeless encampment under the overpass. There were dozens of people, tents set up and a fire pit in the middle of the temporary housing…dismaying.

I felt guilty heading towards such frivolity.

Homelessness is such a sad reality in this country.

i assume Trump will round them all up and build a wall around the homeless on the Mexican border…an addition to his beautiful, huge   divider he has drawn up the plans for, awaiting his coronation.

We navigated Fairfax Blvd. where neighborhoods change ethnically every few blocks, including Little Ethiopia and a large Hasidic population.

The parking structure at the Grove was already packed.

The Grove
The Grove

We made our way down to the family friendly, Disneyesque promenade.

Trolley, The Grove
Trolley, The Grove

The brook was babbling, a live band was entertaining the masses, people were strolling about as if they were filming the 21st century remake of, The Music Man.

We perused the opulent Nordstrom shoe department, browsed J. Crew Men for shorts for David and witnessed NFL sized lineman tackling the merchandise at Zara.

Zara clothes run so small I have no idea how any of those over developed dudes could cram their bodies into the slim cut European fashions.

Not my problem.

We window shopped more and then had our make up done at the trending Charlotte Tilbury counter where we were very bad girls.


Hey it is LA. One must mask any signs of aging.

We heard some wicked dirt about bitchy overpaid TV actresses so we were beautified, educated and entertained.

Then it was off to lunch in Santa Monica with David and the dogs.


Spending time with my daughter is one of the greatest gifts.

We shop alike, critique alike and just have a damn good time with each other…no fuss, no muss just two bitches enjoying each other’s company.

I am one lucky motha’.

BTW, parallel playing in the great state of Minnesota, my darling cousin Janet and her fabulous daughter, Marissa were also enjoying a lovely mother/daughter outing.

Mother/Daughter Duo, Janet & Marissa Arnold
Mother/Daughter Duo, Janet & Marissa Arnold

Take note: mother/daughter time should be scheduled as frequently as flossing…it’s great for your well being.


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  1. LOVE IT….so AWSOME …
    Thank you for sharing that amazing Love not everyone have .
    I will be in California this week, going to my daughter’s graduation.
    Looking forward to enjoying that same Amazing Love.

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