Just like the 2016 NY Yankees, Donald Trump, the stock market, diets, my blood pressure or flying Egyptian Airlines.

I wish I had something exciting to say or a new life experience.

Apparently, my lack of inspiration can be caused by being tired, unmotivated, unchallenged, anxious, distracted, constrained,  overly disciplined, unengaged, too serious, foolishly believing that the grass is always greener, depressed or resigned.

Or, I could just be hungry.

I am going to make myself a snack and then figure out if my writer’s block is due to brain constipation or depression, lack of challenges or all of the above.

Wild guess, but after 725 posts, I could just be temporarily uninspired.

In the mean time, fresh strawberries are inspiring me to head to the kitchen and indulge in the farmer’s freshest offerings.

Produce at Malibu Farmers Market


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