Curve Ball…

This has been a trying week.

It is hard to believe that I vacationed in the ER and told my story to no less than 10 doctors.

I didn’t realize I could bore myself to such an extreme.

I have been spinning multiple times a day. Unfortunately, it is not at Fly Wheel, but in the confines of my own bedroom.

I am experiencing waves of nausea. I can’t even claim to being pregnant or recovering from a wild rave last night.

Now I have to wait 6 months and enter the MRI torture chamber again to see if the cyst on my brain has matured.

These challenges are more annoying than watching the NY Yankees play baseball this season.

The count may be full, but I am determined not to strike out.


  1. Hang in there. I went through something very similar and can tell you that there is hope you won’t be spinning forever. It took the Mayo Clinic’s wonderful docs to stop my 24/7 “acid trip” ; they do have their ways. Thoughts and prayers with you.

  2. So sorry to hear. Hope it gets figured out quickly!

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