Feet Don’t Fail Me…

Marissa & Janet
Marissa & Janet

A lovely surprise.

Last Saturday I had a reunion with one of my favorite relatives.

We shared many fun and crazy moments growing up.

As adults, we have not spent enough time together.

I happened to see a post on Facebook that she was in New York City for a long weekend, visiting her darling daughter.

Hundred Acres
Hundred Acres

I reached out, she reciprocated and what was to be a breakfast get together at Hundred Acres in Soho turned into a lovely, laughter filled daylong odyssey.


We bonded over beignets.

My cousin has Stage IV Melanoma.

To the naked eye, you would never know it. Her trim, athletic figure is of the ilk that my mother has wanted me to sport since birth.

Her blue eyes still twinkle, she has a glow and that enviable Lubov nose is as perky as her attitude.

Jan has been through hell yet she maintains an indomitable, positive spirit along with an amazing support system of devoted friends and family.

As crazy kids we had many the sleepover as Jan lived in Ohio and like most of our clan, I was a Connecticut Yankee.

Early on, we found it hilarious when we discovered that we were both frequent feet rubbers when in a prone position.

It must be genetic as my dad confessed to the same foot fetish. I just realized that I have never asked if my father’s brother and Jan’s dad, Uncle Walter, suffered from the same quirkiness.

photo: worldsartme.com

Maybe this is an omen…no crossing fingers or four-leaf clovers needed.

Like a genie with her magic lantern, I am rubbing my feet together, using the wish granted to me to guarantee that Jan’s prognosis is positive and insuring a healthy, lengthy future.

We love you.

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