Sunday Perfection…


Yesterday, I experienced a real New York Sunday.

We slept later than usual with the time change.

Made cappuccinos, read the Sunday New York Times, rallied and hopped the subway.

Jumped off the 1 train at 14th Street due to track work and wiggle waggled our way down to Soho, cruising through all the picturesque little streets in the Village.

I could not deny myself stopping into City Hats and purchasing a new navy fedora.

David & Francesco
David & Francesco

Being Sunday we had to do brunch. We met up with the divine Francesco, friend and owner of the  cozy and sumptuous restaurant, Sociale in Brooklyn Heights…Sociale should be on everyone’s bucket list.

We brunched at Sadelle’s, the purveyor of amazing smoked fish, handmade bagels and many other enticing treats.

We nested upstairs and no less than three Huey Lewis and the News filled Sadelle’s with melodic sounds. It was nostalgic music to my ears as I was Huey’s publicist for 14 years…off to an enjoyable start.

I have to give a shout out to the divine Vanessa, the generous and impeccable general manager at Sadelle’s. Vanessa and her staff made our brunch memorable.

Sadelle's French Toast
Sadelle’s French Toast

The bagels, smoked fish are incredible, but the french toast which marinades for 24 hours is mind blowing…crispy on the outside and a wonderland of gooey delight on the inside.

Time flew. Our departure was delayed by the delightful combination of fabulous food and Francesco.

We had a play to see and literally ran to the East Village.

We made it with only moments to spare.

Red Speedo
Red Speedo

We saw, Red Speedo, an Off Broadway gem of a morality play about a swimmer with Olympic hopes and questionable ethics.

My friend, Anne, an avid theatergoer, had raved about Red Speedo so I had to take the plunge.

Alex Breaux, Lucas Caleb Rooney in Red Speedo photo: Sara Krulwich/The New York Times
Alex Breaux, Lucas Caleb Rooney in Red Speedo photo: Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

The cast is excellent, highlighted by the performance of Alex Breaux as Ray, the Olympic hopeful and his manager brother, Peter, played by Lucas Caleb Rooney.

We sat in the front row and were splashed several times, leaving us doused with complexities…choosing between right and wrong and questioning the choice of serving your own master.

We walked home, satiated with great company, a tantalizing Sunday brunch and stimulating culture, causing us to reflect upon a perfect Sunday in the City.


  1. We are so lucky for living in New York City.
    I am so graceful for having friends like you.
    Thank you for the wonderful time!!

    • We are very fortunate to live in the greatest city in the world. We love spending time with you. Friends forever and EVERYONE dine at Sociale in Brooklyn Heights…you will thank me!!

  2. UWS swimmer says:

    Fabulous Sunday. Do we live in the same city?
    Thanks for the Red Speedo shout out. A must see.
    Alex Breaux – check out the Friday NY Times article, 3-11-16. What an amazing life and grueling prep for the play.

  3. UWS swimmer says:

    Thanks for the Alex Breaux shout out. Look for him as he accepts his Oscar sometime in the next few years.

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