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The price of beauty is daunting.

Even those born beautiful need maintenance.

Horrors…my nail broke yesterday.

At least it wasn’t the all consuming Bad Hair Day.

I intermittently have gel nails put on. I detest the expense and time spend, but I was not built with strong, elegant nails. Mine are lacking, but we all have one flaw, right?!

I enjoy manicured and polished nails and my only choice is to do gel.

I went to Ruby’s in the Palisades before departing Los Angeles. My thumb nail virtually vanished so the only solution was to put on a fake nail.

I wasn’t convinced.

For $3 I bought into the concept.

I don’t know if the extreme turbulence shook the nail up, but I found it in my bed yesterday.

Left with no other solution for my naked nail, I crossed Central Park, destination my nail salon on the upper east side.

I mounted the stairs, opened the door and the constant refrain was thrown at me, “Pick a color.”

“No,” I shouted back. My issue is more complex.

My hand was passed around. The thumb roughly examined.

There was a massively complicated conversation with no less than four manicurist.

The Chinese dialect was flying around the room.

Finally, Lily stood up as she was chosen to operate on my thumb.

She built a foundation, filed, smoothed, rounded and voila, I had a new styling’ thumb nail. Glam again for only $8.40 plus tip.

Think about all we do to keep us in the game.

Single process to cover the grey ($110 plus tip). Partial highlights ($140), pedicures ($25 or $50 for a spa pedi), back massage ($10-$15 for 10 minutes), waxing, eyebrow tinting ($15), teeth cleaning ($150), Crest white stripes ($40).

What about gym memberships (Equinox is over $200/month) and trainers. Flywheel is $34 for a single spin class.


Facials are $150. I haven’t gone the Botox, Juvederm, facelift route which is beyond costly.

I guess it is better to look good than feel good.

Pretty does hurt your wallet.

Home improvements are tax deductible. Shouldn’t keeping the face and body in excellent working order be considered home improvement?

After all, our bodies are our live in temples and it is important to constantly update and increase the value.

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