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Money is always a frequent topic.

Maybe we should all start hoarding.

After the Super Tuesday results and Trump’s continued success, we may all need to save up for our deportation.

I am inquiring about buying a strip of isolation far from the madding crowd.

The Greek islands are beckoning.

I cannot imagine that country turning down some legitimate financial infusion.

In order to secure my future, I play mind games.

Frequently, I attempt to squirrel away a $20 bill.

That’s my goal. Sometimes it is $1 or $5. When I am flush, it’s $100, but that’s rare.

I never count what is in my Lululemon gift card pouch. At the end of the year I hand over the pouch to myself as a New Year gift.

I very much appreciate myself. Now I have options…pay bills, buy Toby a surprise gift, plan a little sojourn or make a donation usually to a dog rescue group.

All this is my little wealth management endeavor. It doesn’t involve millions just a nice little nest egg for me.

My grandmother, the elegant and insightful, Duchess, always told me that I should have my own money.

She wisely explained that I should never be beholden to anyone, especially the husband.

“Always have your own pushke,” the Duchess would say (pushke is traditionally a small bank that people put money in to give away to people to make a better world).

Stock investments, 401K, IRA’s, savings account are all necessary to secure your future or a great comfort when things go south financially.

I adhere to my brilliant wealth management team (a Merrill Lynch moniker, not mine), but still stick with my grandmother’s tried and true methods.

Inspired by my post, I just took a $20 and sequestered it away for the January 1st, 2017 reveal.

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