Lathered Up…


Something happened in my marriage over the weekend that never occurred before.

My husband replaced the bar of soap in the shower.

It took 35 years.

I know. I shower as well, so being responsible and thoughtful, when the soap commences it meltdown, I have always replaced it.

But, there are random interludes when out of curiosity, a dash of frustration and rejecting the impulse to be whole again, I attempt to hang in and leave the sliver to shiver alone and wasted in the shower stall.

With soap, size matters.

Saturday morning, David rushed into the bedroom all excited.

Did he find a buried treasure…plan a surprise trip?

TA DA...Soap Replacement
TA DA…Soap Replacement

No, he was delighted to inform me that he had replaced the soap in the shower without being coerced or berated.

Miracles do happen.

Who said people cannot change?!

Let’s just say we had a lovely weekend and I was really lathered up about this simple act of thoughtfulness.

Whose the fool who says that the little things in life don’t matter!


  1. Ronda Spinak says:

    So funny…I love this…
    xoxo Ronda

  2. Ronda Spinak says:

    I love this post…xxoo Ronda

  3. lovely

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