The Waiting Game…

Why are doctors always running late?

Yesterday, I had a doctors appointment at 1:30, the first appointment after lunch.

40 minutes later the doctor waltzed in and interrupted my nap. I had been lying down for so long that I had fallen asleep on the examining table.

How do you run late with your very first appointment of the afternoon? Linger over lunch? Recovering from afternoon delight? Coming down from a retail therapy lunchtime high?

I can give a pass to emergencies or women in labor, but come on.

Tardiness cost me personal time…$10 more at the parking lot plus the cost of an office visit.

Sum total for the waiting game…three figures.

Isn’t my time valuable? I may not have a medical degree, but I have a masters degree, work to do, dogs to walk, people to see.

Last week, I had an 8am appointment, the first of the day. Weigh in occurred 45 minutes later and then I had to sit naked with only a skimpy paper wrapping (no bow) for another 15.

Three weeks ago, I had an eye doctor appointment. I was on time, actually 10 minutes early. I waited an additional 30 minutes.

What happened…was their a lazy eye before me?!

Tuesday, I took Madison to the vet and he was more than 30 minutes tardy to the acupuncture party.

There are absolutely no distractions at the vet…jars full of treats, but none for me no matter how much I beg.

Doctors charge exorbitant prices for office visits, usually spend less than 30 minutes in a one on one and many do not even take insurance.

Examining rooms offer no TV’s, cell use is prohibited, magazines are severely outdated.

The rooms aren’t even attractive, cozy or particularly clean. I would like to see the same rating system in the examining rooms as in restaurants.

We need time advocates…form a movement and demand doctors to be on time.

Time Matters.


  1. We are controlled by insurance companies and administrators. The demands placed upon us are totally unreasonable. I barely have time to go to the bathroom. Certainly take no time to eat lunch without answering calls, or documenting in the EHR. So if you feel inconvenienced, complain to the government and insurance industry. BTW I would like to be compensated in a resonable manner, thankfully my medical school loans are paid off. One more thing, are you aware of the extremely high suicide rate in the medical field.

  2. Soooooooo true! They rarely even think to say “I’m sorry I’m late”. It’s as if they don’t think they owe you even that.
    Most office visits are 15 min slots. I think we are supposed to feel sorry for them because their income has been so compromised by insurance

  3. We don’t have offices any more. Only an exam room with a computer. The notion of a physician as revered is long gone. Stress is the bottom line.

    • I am sure you are a compassionate and effective physician. Many of my friends and family pay mightily for good medical care. Unfortunately, it is a constant lament regarding the wait time. I am sorry to hear that your situation is so stressful, but I still have a great deal of respect for the medical profession despite the waiting.

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