As with the pathetic array of Republican Presidential candidates, the major airlines have unearthed new ways to downgrade the flying experience.

America’s airlines are deepening the divide between the rich and all the other losers, especially the new voting block of the have-nothing-at-alls.

Presidential candidates have at it regarding the Huge class divide.

Coach is no longer the lowest rung in the flying hierarchy.

Now standard coach can thumb their nose at “basic economy” also known as “last class”.

I can’t believe bullying is now prevalent in the air.

Delta was the first big airline to introduce basic economy.

Now United and American join the ranks, announcing that they will be debuting their versions of basic economy later this year.

For frugal travelers, it’s like staying in a hostel. Economy travelers will lose the ability to reserve a seat when booking a flight.

Hello, last row of the plane, middle seat.

If you are travelling with family, friends  or colleagues, forget about sitting together.

Additionally, passengers flying basic economy forfeit their right to upgrade their seats and to change or cancel their reservations more than 24 hours after booking.

These alterations force passengers into the seats no one else wants and allow the airline to complete with the no-frills competitors such as Spirit and Frontier.

Some say bullshit.

The bottom line is…even though the budget airlines get lambasted by consumers, they are making tons of money and the premium airlines want in.

Who ultimately suffers…the consumer.

As usual, bad behavior is rewarded.

Just look at Donald Trump.


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