Guileless Gilmore Guys…


My daughter and I shared many hours together watching and discussing Gilmore Girls.

The Gilmore Girls are still a part of our world.

When we heard that there was A Gilmore Guys podcast and Stars Hollow Town Meeting at the Regent Theatre in downtown Los Angeles we thought what the hell and purchased tickets with our Gilmore Girls crony, Kim.

The event revolves around die-hard Gilmore Girls fan Kevin T. Porter and rookie Demi Adejuyigbe who started the podcast in 2014.

The show represents two points of view. Kevin is a longtime Gilmore Girls fan and Demi is a newbie to the show.

They attempt to analyze and dish about all things Stars Hollow.

We braved heavy freeway traffic on a Sunday night.

The doors opened at 7pm and when we drove by at 6:45 there was a two block long line.

We don’t do lines.

We found parking in front of the Ledlow Restaurant  close to the Regent Theater and decided to wait out the craziness at the bar.

Big mistake. We had a cold hamburger, salad, potatoes, one lousy meatball and three drinks for the grand total of $100.

What the hell is happening at restaurants lately?

Prices keep escalating, the small plate scam continues and new restaurants are generally unexciting.

Trump could be President, global warming is a reality, Kanye West has gone south, but I digress.

To make matters worse the Gilmore Guys show sucked.

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls

The Gilmore Guys purported dynamic duo are not.

They really misread the essence of the Gilmore Girls characters and were truly unfunny.

they even trivialized man’s best friend, Paul Anka.

The best part of the evening was the bar in the theater.

Gilmore Guys
Gilmore Guys

We ended up leaving the Gilmore Guys behind. Trust me, that was not an entertaining Stars Hollow Town Meeting.

The show was more interesting outside.

We were accosted by several homeless chaps. Downtown LA continues to have all the elements of a third world country.

We were about to get into the car and noticed a man who appeared to be naked from the waist down desperately trying to hang onto a car door handle in order to propel himself up.

After numerous tries, he stood and then repeatedly attempted to open the locked car door.

No key was evident.

Clearly, we were not in Stars Hollow anymore.

All was not lost…as Carole King opened every Gilmore Girls episode with, You’ve Got A Friend,”…I do.

I was happily able to spend quality time with my Gilmore Girls, Courtny and Kim.

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