Sleep No More…

Sleeping through the night has become a real challenge.

Undisturbed sleep has left the building.

I fall asleep for an hour or two and then I am up.

What the hell is happening?

Is this another hideous side effect of aging?

Screw wisdom…slow down the aging process and let me sleep, leave my face alone and allow my body parts to remain at sea level.

I am also encountering very disturbing dreams.

Now that the NY Giants hellacious season is over, I am assuming the rough and tumble dramatic two minute drill dreams will abate.

Last night I dreamt that I left a designer bag in an elevator with all my jewelry and cell in it and I couldn’t remember which building the elevator was in.

That ended the night for me.

Dirty Kitchen
Dirty Kitchen

Recently. I had a dream in which I closed up the NYC apartment, left dirty dishes in the sink and didn’t clean the bathroom.

Talk about a nightmare. That’s worse then being in an accident, taken to the hospital, having my clothes cut away to discover I am wearing granny panties and an old, stretched out bra.

My family keeps shoving Tylenol PM and Melatonin in my face, but I will not succumb.

Beware, the fear of waking up with a migraine.

Life is a vicious circle.


Maybe I should join a vampire cult.

I do find it difficult to meet interesting people in Los Angeles so if I expand my horizons who knows what intriguing people I may encounter.

In the meantime, I am exhausted, but I am accomplishing stuff.

It’s 3am and my blog post is done for tomorrow.

As with every challenge in life, there is a silver lining.


  1. i recently had a talk with a good friend of mine affected by very complicated and difficult sleeping patterns; he decided to completely stop any sort of alcohol consumption…even a little innocent glass of wine. He fixed the problem in two days. Keep track and investigate if the nights you can’t sleep have two or three glasses of wine in common.

    Also: when it happens to me i focus my attention on breath and after ten minutes i calm down and fall asleep again…sleeping well is fundamental for me…if i wake up tired my day is hell and all the people i have to deal with become the monsters of your nightmares.

    Don’t succumb to the temptation of drugs shortcut i’m with you in this.

    love and miss u !!!

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