Second Marriage…?



Time to find a new accountant.

Over the past five years, it seems every time we file we are audited.

Do our names invoke red flags at the IRS?

I have been going to the same person since my first year at Chrysalis Records, many decades ago.

Our daughter threw in the towel early on with our mainstay so Friday we had an appointment to interview her new posse.

I had been wanting to change for several years.

Marty fits the bill perfectly. He is smart, capable, no fuss no muss…a confident businessman in a cardigan sweater and cool round glasses.

We were discussing financial matters and he hit us up with an out of left field personal question.

Well, finance is quite personal. I was hoping he didn’t ask if I had a shopping problem because that would give David ammunition.

Marty threw it out there….”Is this your second marriage?”

I cracked up. What had we done to invoke that question?!

“Marty, where are you coming from?”

I loved his response.

He said that we appeared to be having a lot of fun with each other, laughing and being flirty. He thought our relationship was still in the newlywed phase.

31 years married and 5 years before that of David begging me to marry him.

Marty had me at hello…now get the IRS off our back, obtain a refund and it will be eternal love.

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