On The Run…


Went for a run on the beach yesterday.

I am nothing if not a support system.

Courtny is in training for the Disneyland Tinkerbell Half-Marathon in May…kudos for her determination.

This is no Mickey Mouse race.

My husband used to be a frequent marathon participant.

His greatest achievement was multiple finishes at the 90 kilometer South African Comrades Ultra-Marathon. He is the perfect training partner.

Madison & Finnley
Madison & Finnley

Our puppy, Finnley, ran with the A Team and Madison and I, members of the well over 40 club, brought up the rear.

Madison was stellar…I was a bit reticent to buy into all the pet foo-foo dust bullshit, but the $100 acupuncture sessions are really making her spry and ebullient.


i never thought Madison would tolerate the needles. As incentive to stay still and distracted, I dole out a stream of instant gratification.

Madison & Dr. Anthony George
Madison & Dr. Anthony George

Hey, I might just join her on the soft blanket on the floor. The positive, compassionate dog whisperer, Dr. Anthony George, can feed me organic treats while I beg, an art form I have mastered after decades of being a publicist.

I can go with the flow for 45 minutes.

My New Year’s resolution is to dedicate myself to running, spinning, hiking and removing white from my diet as in flour not Oscar controversy or controlled substances.

The goal is eliminating the “I feel fat” mantra from my vocabulary by May when we fly off to Holbox Island in Mexico.

May the Force Be With Me.


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