East Trumps West…


Leaving on a jet plane.

I do know when I’ll be back again, just not as soon as I would like.

Ms. Madison & Finnley
Ms. Madison & Finnley

I am off to Los Angeles after four months of unadulterated bliss.

I am very anxious to reunite with my beloved girls, Ms. Madison Avenue and Finnley B. Catzel.

Back to the beach and repainting our new place that was messed with by yet another medicated upstairs bitch.

Hello, gorgeous…next real estate purchase HAS to be a single family house or a top floor condo/coop.

Seriously, must I keep repeating the same mistakes?!

What defect is in my aura that I continually attract female prescription drug addicts?!

In Los Angeles, I shall be resuming the 90 minute journey to take a 45 minute spin class.

I am actually looking forward to cooking again. Grocery shopping is challenging in NYC and the takeout and delivery system is so appealing.

Back to being culturally deprived, but I really shouldn’t complain yet that has never stopped me before.

I do love my new home and the weather is a plus…no earthquakes, please.

Faewell NYC
Farewell NYC

Today, the eclectic troop of weather clowns are predicting gale force winds, snow flurries upon departure and flying straight into the teary embrace of El Nino.

Here’s hoping I survive and we re-engage on the other coast.

Up, up and away!

El Nino photo:natgasinvestor.com
El Nino photo:natgasinvestor.com

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