Texting Confessional…

Catholic Confessional
Catholic Confessional

I do believe my text messaging system has become a confessional as well as an advise column for friends and family.

DING…incoming text. I bought a pair of shoes that I can’t afford…thoughts?

KAren Millen Dress
Karen Millen Dress

DING….I purchased five Karen Millen dresses. I will return most of them, but they were on sale for next to nothing . What should I do?!

DING…my dog ate my Fitbit. I bought a new one because it was less money. Is this crazy?!

DING…Friendie. I have issues to discuss. Cocktails…time and place?!

DING…You are the all knowing restaurant person. Where should I eat in NYC?

DING…I need to impress. Where should I eat in Los Angeles?

DING…I’m on vacation in Miami. Text me a great restaurant ASAP.

DING…I’m heading to Lima, Peru…dining suggestions?

DING…My client is in Paris. In need of fabulous restaurant…NOW!

DING…You have a huge hole in your ceiling. Let me know if I can help.

DING…I ate too much. Need help rationalizing.

DING…The Giants suck. Can you help me understand the play calling and why they torture us weekly?!

DING…Damn it, you are an enabler. Why don’t you tell me to return the bag I bought that  I don’t need, but it was on sale and an incredible price for a designer bag.

DING…I am soo tired. Are you going spinning? I signed up. I don’t want to go….convince me.

I love that modern technology has been able to duplicate the traditional Catholic confessional.

DING…I will always be available to my congregation of texters in need of purging and restaurant recommendations.

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