I Want My Mommy…


I want my mommy.

Luckily, she is still present, but out of town.

I knew something was up when I opened my eyes yesterday. My body wasn’t cooperating.

I shrugged it off and exercised, visited the chiropractor and sought out a midtown bar to rendezvous with a friend.

And then my body rebelled and I made it home lickety-split. I spent the day in bed.

Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup

David pitched in and turned the bed down for me and then went to the grocery store and brought back a vast selection of soups and breads…a safety net in case he screwed up.

We all know that they is nothing worse than a sick woman scorned.

It just doesn’t matter the age. Everyone wants their mom when they are sick or a qualified and invested sub.

I am happy to say that David rose to the occasion…he even felt my brow to see if I had a temperature.

I must admit being confined to bed isn’t as much fun as when I was a kid. There was such pleasure in legitimately missing school.

Another secret pleasure was daytime television. Nowadays, daytime programming leaves a lot to be desired.

Thankfully, Donald Trump really screwed up so there were some interesting discussions about his anti-Muslim stand. It appears that the Republican party most likely will revolt if Trump ends up the Republican nominee.

That made me feel a bit better.




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  1. Louise Newman says:

    We’ve had the flu too! First me, then Michael. So we sympathize. The Donald is worse than the flu. He’s a permanent sickness on the body politic!

    But if the Repubs get stuck with him, then that may make for a major Dems sweep.
    So that’s a happy thought.


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