Can’t Fix Stupid…

Saks Lightshow
Saks 5th Avenue Light Show

New York City is such a melting pot…no revelation.

Yesterday, I walked from an appointment on Houston Street in SoHo back to the upper west side.

In step with the sign of the times, I was vigilant in my observation of people.

Once I hit Fifth Avenue the crowds increased exponentially so my job became more demanding.

Rockefeller Center Tree
Rockefeller Center Tree

The area around the tree at Rockefeller Center was jammed packed as one could view both the glowing Christmas tree and then turn around to take in the opulent, colorful light show on the Saks Fifth Avenue facade…quite the holiday spectacle.

Saks 5th Avenue Holiday Light Show
Saks 5th Avenue Holiday Light Show

When I approached the Plaza there was a huge police presence. I thought maybe there were big doings at the statuesque Plaza Hotel.

Menorah in front of the Plaza Hotel
Menorah in front of the Plaza Hotel

No, it was protection surrounding the enormous menorah in the park across from the hotel.

The menorah lighting, honoring the second night of Chanukah, was about to take place.

The immediate area was cordoned off as opposed to the Christmas tree which was not under house arrest.

Across the street a small crowd had gathered screaming anti-Semitic remarks.

I get it, but I just don’t understand. Religion is such a personal issue.

Again, not a revelation, but can’t we all just live our lives and stop the hatred?!

The Donald just Trumped himself and spread more hatred by declaring that the U.S. should ban all Muslims from entering the country.

Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen

In step with Trump, French presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, is gaining backing after the Paris massacre.

Just like Mr. Trump, Ms. Le Pen is shrewdly speaking to voters who feel economically strained, removed from leaders they perceive as out of touch and angry and frightened by waves of immigration that they feel threaten their national identity and personal security.

Come on people, let’s focus on the environment, passing good deeds forward, protecting children, ending hunger, preventing animal cruelty, legislating new gun control laws…the list is endless.

Lighten up out there.

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos

Or, let’s take Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, up on his offer to send Trump into space on Blue Origin, his spaceflight company rocket.

I am assuming it would be a one-way ticket.

Happy holidays no matter your religious convictions.

Love you all and remember to sidestep stupid…don’t step in it. Like dog poop, it spreads easily.




  1. Wonderful- this should be a no-brainer- like ‘no shit’~

  2. What a great universal all embracing loving post Toby.
    Love you.

  3. You can’t fix Trump! But is he stupid? Who are we all talking about? Trump! I think he is just waiting for the anti Trump rhetoric over his anti Muslim comments to reach a fever pitch. Then he will remind us that in 1979 Jimmy Carter, by invoking his responsibility under the Nationality Act of 1952, deported 15,000 Muslim Iranians, forced Iranian students to report to immigration centers for registration, Iranians were banned from entering the US unless they proclaimed opposition to the Islamic regime. But that was when even liberal Jimmy Carter didn’t just talk the talk…

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