100’s of Channels and L’il To Watch…


Network TV used to be all that.

We waited all week for NBC’s Thursday Night Must-See TV.

I remember when FOX entered the network fray in 1986 and everyone was so excited about more entertainment programming.

My how the mighty have fallen.

Now there is very little to watch on network TV except news and sports.

Sequestered in my bedroom for the past two days proved the point.

Cable is my savior, MSNBC my guiding light.

Add Fixer Upper reruns to the mix.

Without my Amazon Fire Stick life would be glum.

Thanks to the input of my TV Agent daughter I have a professional who screens series for me and tips me off as to the best and brightest.

This week, Courtny recommended, I’m Sorry.

Let the bingeing begin.

I’m Sorry is a very relatable series about a brilliantly sarcastic mother and comedy writer bringing up her  daughter with her TV husband, Tom Everett Scott.

Andrea Savage’s realistic, gender specific approach to parenting and mingling with the complicated parental units is hilarious.

She is aided and abetted by her divorced parents played by Kathy Baker and Martin Mull.

Season 2 was just released.

This past year, my prized Fire Stick has allowed me to be entertained by Rectify (in my opinion, the best drama in recent memory), The Kominsky Method, Killing Eve, The Bodyguard, Goliath, Grace and Frankie, Atypical, Better Things, The Crown, Broadchurch and Catastrophe.

Breaking News: Netflix is raising pricing effective today…this is not Fake News.

The 58 million U.S. subscribers will feel the pain of up to an 18% price increase.

Netflix is confident that bingeing will continue and few will back away from their very lucrative and powerful form of entertainment.

There is no denying that Netflix original programming is bingeworthy, but there is also a plethora of crap just like on network TV.

Movies of late have been lame and I am finding only a handful of films each year that are worth recommending.

And then there is the hype.

Can anyone please tell me how Roma is being touted as the best movie of the year?

The premise is interesting, but execution as slow as watching paint dry.

Anyway, another day of swelling and pain from Monday’s oral surgery so I am hoping that I can find a new Amazon or Netflix series to watch.

BTW, I did some network sampling. CBS’, The Talk (insidious)…why would I ever care what Sharon Osborne, Eve or Carrie Anne Inaba have to say.

Watched Ellen and couldn’t handle her game show pitches although I appreciate her charitable acts.

I revisited, The Young and the Restless, to see how Victor and Nikki were doing.

I became involved with the soap when many of the cast and I became friends and we took the same weekly classes from Jane Fonda at her studio in West Hollywood.

I am happy to report that the deeply damaged couple are still married.

I would forsake TV and read, but the pain meds make it hard to focus.

Perhaps I should settle for shallow and watch my face swell while enjoying my mashed potatoes and coconut yogurt, hoping that tomorrow dawns bright, reinstating a contoured face and a pain free day.

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