1 Is The Loneliness Number…


My husband is taking flight, winging his way to the Middle East.

He will be away on business for one week.

I’m very independent, but when you spend so much time with one person, it unknowingly becomes challenging to function fully without a (metaphorical) limb.

My mother fell apart the first year after my father’s untimely death.

He had been retired for 20 years so they were constantly joined at the hip.

I took her away every month for one year and witnessed the progression from complete darkness and despair to a burgeoning, fully functionally independent woman.

I have carried that experience with me and am hyper aware of aging and loss…sometimes, too much so.

As strong as I am, I am now hyperventilating about what could happen when he is away.

The Connecticut kitchen renovation commences on Friday.

I am now worrying about a home grown catastrophe…not that it couldn’t happen when he was in the country and within kissing distance, but I tend to worry.

He is one of those people that literally knows how to fix everything from installing a garbage disposal, repairing a leaky toilet to rebuilding an Alfa Romeo Spider plus he gives great gifts, but I digress.

His departure means I am now responsible for 6am and 11pm dog walks.

Another crime against humanity, no breakfast in bed from the local food truck.

Making the bed by myself.

Eating dinner alone.

Having my best friend half a world away.

I know in the scheme of things, observing the state of America especially after last night’s boring, long winded and deplorable State of the Union rant, the next seven days of challenges are frivolous, but we all have moments when it is all about ‘me!’

There are lovely advantages to alone time such as the bed is barely mussed, no cooking necessary and no compromising.

Personally, I think my husband is leaving just so he doesn’t have to continue the slog to Connecticut for sorting and selling.

Travel safely and easily…come back soon and avoid any conflict, although home grown anti-Trumpism trumps Middle East volatility these days.


  1. Aw come hang out with me at Luxe 🙂

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