I’m not talkin’ baseball.

David is alive and recovering in the hospital, but it was a f’ing nightmare.

Not easy to see a loved one writhe in pain and then be rushed into emergency surgery.

The waiting game is also a fun time, especially after the medical team presents the worst case scenario.

Colostomy bag, anyone?!

When I look for a new doctor, stylist, something as mundane as a restaurant I spend time and do my due diligence.

In an emergency situation, you turn your life or your loved one’s life over to a complete stranger who you only meet after the fact…crazy set of circumstances.

All this brought back memories of Queen E…felt a hole in my heart.

Who do you turn to when your mom is gone, your husband is heavily sedated and fighting his own battle?

My daughter has been a blessing and is 100% there for me, but it’s her father who is ill and you cannot emotionally overburden your child no matter the strength and depth of your relationship.

I trust few and find it difficult to confide, although it is very meaningful when people do reach out and I am often surprised by who does and does not.

My wise husband always tells me to not have expectations…great advice.

I guess you come into this crazy world alone and go out alone and in between you experience loneliness.

And to further the inane whining, I spent months planning our fabulous French vacation and just spent hours canceling it.

No rainbows, butterflies and unicorns today.

Be well and enjoy the weekend.


  1. oh, I do do hope he will be ok…recover completely with whatever it is that made him ill. If you are lucky there is good docs and nurses on duty when you take someone to emergency. We have been lucky many times…..David hopefully has been lucky also. thinking good thoughts and sending love

  2. Ethan Fried says:


    I hope things turn out alright for David and all of you. Please give him my best for a quick recovery.

  3. Beth Martin says:

    Toby, I’m here for you. Please reach out and trust I’ll offer comfort and support.

  4. Natalie Stipe says:

    Toby…..I pray that all is ok and wellness is ahead for your dear husband. Went through horrible ordeals with my sister a little over a year so I can well envision what you all are facing. She ‘almost’ had a bag, but graced by a very skilled surgeon, he pieced her together like a well fit puzzle. Keep us informed please.

  5. Kelly Ritter says:

    Oh no, Toby. I’m so sorry. I hope David is out of pain now and that he recovers quickly. Please take care of yourself, too. Don’t forget to eat and sleep. I know the thoughts that go through a person’s mind in an E.R., and you’ve captured them perfectly. Your love for each other is adorable and admirable. It’s irreplaceable. But, others love you, too. And listen, I would drop everything to hang in France with you, and France is only a small fraction of the attraction. But seriously, take care of yourself so you can make sure David is in good hands. We love you both, and look forward to photos of David and you in France again when this is all behind you two. Please give David a hug from us all, and get him the he’ll out of that hospital as fast as you can. I love you two.

  6. Kelly Ritter says:

    Argh!!! Spellcheck … why?

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