Taverna Tony Restaurant, Malibu

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At least twice a month we journey to Taverna Tony, a delightful Greek restaurant nestled in the back of the Malibu Country Mart at the base of Malibu Canyon.

We frequently enjoy a serene afternoon surround by bougainvillea, dining in surroundings that do a good job of impersonating Greek island tranquility. Saturday, we rendezvoused with my husband’s sister and husband to break bread on a lovely, sunny afternoon.

Fish Dip
Fish Dip

You are always warmly greeted at Taverna Tony…so many of the clientele are regulars and the staff are in it for the long haul.

Within moments of settling in, there is a basket of warm bread and Grandma’s special fish dip placed on the table. To accompany the starters, I enjoy their house rose…light, dry and the perfect midday drink ($7).

The menu is extensive, but we are boringly predictable with our selections.

Taverna Salad
Taverna Salad

We always start with the Taverna Salad consisting of crispy, thickly sliced cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, Greek olives, large chunks of fresh feta, onions, topped with an enormous radish. The secret ingredients, homemade dressing is a delicious accent to the salad.

Baby Octopus
Baby Octopus

We love the Corfu style baby octopus ($19.95) , charcoal grilled to perfection on an open grill with spring onions, olives and a smattering of olive oil and lemon.


The grilled Japanese eggplant ($11.95) served over fresh homemade marinara sauce with basil is a delicious and tangy dish.

The house specialty, Cognac induced flaming Saganaki cheese ($11.95) is a crowd pleaser and the aroma is compelling…we always inhale, but never consume.

David frequently orders the Psarosoupa…translation, fish soup ($12.95) comprised of a variety of seafood with fresh vegetables and tomatoes.

Lamb dishes are a house specialty, along with grilled fish, chicken, moussaka, dolmathes, spanakopita and a plethora of dips (taramosalata, melintzanosalata, tzatziki, hummus, tabouli).


Saturday, there was a call to arms for a homemade dessert…baklava ($6) suddenly appeared. I must admit that I prefer a very flaky layered crust, but the nutty (pistachio, almonds, walnuts) filling was very good.

Tom Cruise at Taverna Tony
Tom Cruise at Taverna Tony/Just Jared

Doggies are welcome on the patio and Tom Cruise, Giselle and Tom Brady, Eddie Cibrian, Leann Rimes and Kardashian sightings are frequent. Last year, Tom Cruise almost ran us over trying to avoid the paparazzi.

Evening dining includes Greek music and belly dancing.  At lunchtime, you can dine and then shop the very appealing stores in the Malibu Lumberyard and the Country Mart.

For a perfect Los Angeles escape without having to clock 15 hours on a plane, take a leisurely drive up Pacific Coast Highway and have a meal at Taverna Tony…”Opa!”

Taverna Tony 23410 Civic Center Way, Malibu, California. Open 7 days a week from 11:30am to midnight on weekdays, 12:30am Friday and Saturday. tavernatony.com. Reservations accepted. Valet and street parking.


  1. an evergreen gem. the baby/spring lamb either as a sandwich or a main is spectacular

    • Thanks for the feedback. I will have to order the lamb. I review restaurants every Tuesday…hope some other reviews get your juices going, as well!

  2. The baby octopus was sooooo delicious. Everything I ate there was fresh and tasty.

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