Hawksmoor Steakhouse…NYC Restaurant Review

Steakhouses are not at the top of my list.

The reason is my frequent dining partner is a pescatarian.

He is away so I rounded up a carnivore and we explored a new London transplant which also has established restaurants in Liverpool, Manchester, Dublin and Edinburgh.

We were warmly greeted by a posse of four attractive hosts.

We waltzed past a long 35-seat bar area and led into a large, crowded 26-foot vaulted ceiling dining room.

Hawksmoor is located in the distinguished, historic United Charities Building, steps from Gramercy Park. The edifice was closed from public view for over a century.

The servers, who were plentiful, were friendly and eclectic.

Parched, we started with meager, but tasty martinis ($18).

The menu revolves around all-natural beef from family-run farms, many based in upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and New England, simply seasoned with flaked sea salt and seared over live-fire charcoal.

Steak is the highlight and was the only just alright dish. The 14oz Rib-eye was flavorful, but only room temperature and a bit tough. We shared the Ribeye ($65).

There are a range of cuts offered, some priced by the pound featured on the blackboard

As with many steakhouses, the side dishes were excellent.

The classic Caesar was chilled and  delicious ($10).

The Roasted Bone Marrow with slow cooked onions was fabulous ($18).

Even though standard fare, the Beef Fat Fries were terrific ($8).

Hawksmoor was a pleasurable evening with good food.

If I lived closer I would probably frequent the bar area, enjoy an adult beverage and some sides.

As it stands now, it was lovely, but once is enough.

Hawksmoor 109 East 22nd Street New York City. Open Monday-Saturday 5-10pm, Sunday 4-9:30pm. Bar service Monday-Saturday 4-12am, Sunday 4-9:30pm. Reservations on OpenTable.com.

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