First Kiss…

Photo/Alfred Eisenstaedt

Do you remember your first kiss?

My first open mouth kiss happened on a winding road in Connecticut. My date for the sophomore hop (he was a junior) pulled the car over and hit me with his best shot. Not bad. I recall soft lips, a bit of a tingling feeling, but definitely not as satisfying as a New York Giants win. My first kiss with my husband was definitely a Super Bowl winning kiss.

Why, you ask, would a first kiss flashback occur at this particular time? Well, I have just perused a first kiss video  and it is charming. It’s a simple concept produced to promote Los Angeles-based women’s clothing company, Wren.

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva put two strangers in front of a camera, with one simple direction: “Kiss.”

“The key trick I used was not to say ‘action,’” she said. “I’ve done lovemaking scenes before, but there was something so tender about this that we all kind of melted behind the five cameras we were using.”


The advertisement-turned viral hit has touched a nerve and has already passed 10 million views in its first two days online. CEO and Founder Melissa Coker enlisted her old high school friend Pilieva to help her round up 20 people they would put in front of a camera to share a real life “first kiss” scenario.

What came next was an awkward, yet strangely fascinating three-and-a-half-minute montage of kisses between young, old, straight, gay, lesbian and biracial pairings.

All of the unpaid participants were actor, model and singer friends of Coker and Pilieva who live in Los Angeles. Even if they had all been in front of a camera before, they were unscripted and it is difficult to fake chemistry. The kisses appeared to be real, full on and not soap opera, non-contact lip locking. I was so inspired that I pulled my husband off a conference call and gave him an impressive kiss.

“We kind of grouped them together just by instinct,” Pilieva said. “I was really nervous at first, but you can see how some of the people responded.”

I would love to hear about your first kiss…lay one on me.


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