You’ve Got Mail. Answer It…

Time to dust off the pulpit and start pontificating.

Why don’t people respond to friendly, well intentioned emails?!

It’s not as if you are acknowledging a letter from Africa requesting money, or a demand to view Hot Guys.

I answer every legitimate email.

In conversations with others, I have found that not responding is a common occurrence.

People are pissed off.

The beauty of emailing is that it takes less than 10 seconds on average to shoot off a retort.

I can email a fabulously positive blog review to a manager, owner, publicist and never hear back.

I recently wrote to a relative who lost their spouse just to see how they were doing and it went radio silent.

How rude of me.

I wrote to a celebrity relative to say that my mom had a photo that they would appreciate, deafening silence.


A high school friend sought me out and wrote a touching note. I immediately responded…hello, is anyone home.

No one, unless you are General John Kelly who has to babysit our adolescent egotistical, maniacal leader 24/7, is that busy that thy cannot return a personal email.

2 fingers only needed to type.

1 finger to press send.

No need for pen and paper, envelop, stamp, saliva to lick the envelop, feet to find a mailbox.

It is so easy, fast, considerate and down right classy to just press REPLY and then SEND.




  1. Paula Lopez says:


  2. People are not emotionally available
    They do not know how to maturely reply and have healthy communication.

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