You’ve Got A Friend…


Where do all the interesting people hide?

Forget Tinder, JDate,…I am contemplating developing a site for people who just want a plutonic relationship. Someone to diss with over a cup of coffee or a martini, run the dog, break bread (need a new analogy since everyone is off carbs).

Sex complicates relationships and screws things up. Not that I am looking for sex…most days I am happily married. I just want to meet some intelligent, well rounded, interesting peeps.

The other night I rendezvoused with a woman I met at Equinox…someone fun and intelligent over 25 who is a member at Equinox Santa Monica…hard to believe, but a few do exist.

Naturally, I was draw to her as she is a New Yorker with a sardonic ‘tude. At first, I wasn’t sure because she always looks groomed in exercise class…make up, hair perfect, diamonds by the yard draped around her toned decolletage. Once I got beyond that, I liked her immediately.

She invited me for martinis, sushi and a gabfest and to see her newly renovated apartment which she survived…who could refuse such an appealing invitation?!

We enjoyed a lovely evening and the conversation flowed.

It got me to thinking about what my daughter said to me at breakfast that morning. “You don’t like many people.” I was insulted and then I recognized the truth.

I’ll admit it. I really do not like most people. I do not suffer fools easily and I have spent a lifetime as a publicist catering to self-involved musical artists, rockers, athletes, broadcasters, journalists, managers, agents, groupies. After hours I don’t want to work so hard at making conversation.

I want to be around people who bring something to the table other than an “I have graced you with my presence, now regal me with stories, places to visit, restaurants to frequent” attitude.

There is a small ray of hope involving my move to Pacific Palisades…Cafe Vida. It is our go to breakfast spot and every single time we meet someone interesting…maybe I should rent a table and just hang there, consume chia seed multigrain pancakes and fullfill my hunger for good food and smart and compelling company.

I am somewhat encouraged. Interesting people are out there although they clearly did not vote during midterm elections.

Listen to Carole King’s, You’ve Got A Friend…guaranteed to not make you feel alone.

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  1. How lucky for us….so rare to find new friends at this point of our lives that we really like spending time with.
    Thank you for BEING MY FRIEND

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