You’ve Got A Friend…

Betty & Eunice
Betty & Eunice

True friendships are difficult to come by.

Recently, I drove to Connecticut to join the Ladies Who Lunch crowd, mother and her dear friend, Betty.

“The girls” have been playing canasta together for decades. They yack daily.

Betty invited my mom and I to lunch at the tony Rockrimmon Country Club which has been around since 1947. Betty has been a member since 1961.

Rockrimmon Country Club
Rockrimmon Country Club

We settled in at a lovely table with a gorgeous view of the lake and fall foliage.

It was interesting to see the older members lunching in contrast to the young, heavily highlighted blondes with their Chanel bags, Ferragamo shoes, Hermes jewels scattered about having cocktails and waiting for their nannies to return their children..suburban life scares me much more than nuclear war.

I am willing to bet that they are married to finance dudes who conduct business on the luxurious links since a membership runs in the $150,000 neighborhood just for the privilege of playing the Robert Trent Jones verdant course.

Betty and my mom have been friends for over 60 years. My best friends have shorter shelf life. David weighs in at 36 years and Courtny at 30.

Decade long female friendships are not my thing. I generally don’t trust women and find them selfish, insincere and armed and ready to dump you if you make one false move. And they never forget a slight.

That being said, I definitely think it is time for a multi-tasking, anti-war, gun control, pro-choice, pro-education, environmentally savvy female president, but I digress.

Country Club Salmon
Country Club Salmon

We bonded over grilled salmon and I fulfilled my daily dose of Omega-3,

“The girls” were adorable.

I deposited them at my mom’s home and made plans for another rendezvous before 96 comes knocking.

Final note…can you believe these two beauties are well into their nineties?!

There is hope for all women.

Rockrimmon Country Club
Rockrimmon Country Club


  1. Paula Lopez says:

    No offense taken!

  2. love this !

  3. Leslie Feldman says:

    Long term friendships between two women are the best but rare. Linda manaly and I have been friends since 6th grade and it’s great to have all that history. Rockrimmon looks beautiful. We used to belong there. Had my first wedding there! Maybe Betty knows my mom (Phyllis Coleman)?

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