You’ve Got A Friend Or Do You…


What is the recipe for true friendship?

So many are based on convenience…work friends, neighborhood companions, school day buds,   college besties, your children’s friends parents, carpool cohorts.

The test for me is who would really be there for you in bad times as well as good.

Bonus…don’t forget the people who are interesting and raise you up.

I always had lots of “friends” because I had full-time access to theater, concert, sporting events, TV show tickets and groovy party invites.

The shallow air kissers never reciprocated and do not get me started on phony relatives.

I could care less because I recognized the con.

Now I hear from peeps about staying in my geographically desirable accommodations.

I always laugh when people talk up all their social media followers equating the hordes to friends.

Followers is the digital term for friends.

In the old days, pre-Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, number inquiries were about your age, how much you earned or square footage.

If anyone really believes they have a litany of very good friends they are either delusional or high.

I am happy for the small circle of quality peeps that I can count on.

Most importantly, I have my in-house posse of Individual #1, #2, #3, #4 in no particular order.

One of the most difficult parts of losing Queen E. is that she was my most faithful friend…she was a constant in my life and defended me no matter what.

Digital friends disappear when you run out of power.

True friends are not battery operated….they run on love and compassion.


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  1. Beth Martin says:

    I love this and I agree. I learned who my true friends were when I was vulnerable with nothing to give. Some people really surprised me.

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