You’ve Got A Friend…

Christmas arrived early this week.

I cannot believe the generosity and thoughtfulness sent my way.

My fabulous college friend just risked her health by going to the grocery store and post office in upstate New York and sent me two jumbo bottles of Heinz Ketchup when she heard I could not find Heinz anywhere…even Amazon is sold out.

Thank you to the dynamic duo, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (aka Larri and Ray).

A shout-out to my fabulous anonymous benefactor who sent a 12 mega roll package of Charmin. This is disposable gold, no if, and or Butts about it!

A huge thank you to my daughter for sanitizing our lives. Glad to know she adheres to clean, sanitary living and shares her noble ways with her parents.

A grand gesture made by a dear friend whose is “unmasking” her thoughtfulness and concern for our welfare by parting with some precious masks.

Thank you all for making quarantined life more bearable, removing an element of stress from living in Coronaville.

It is comforting to know that there are so many good people in my confined universe.💜


  1. Cathy Newman says:

    People are so kind! I reconnected recently with a guy who lived in Madeleine’s building and has moved to NJ. When I told him of my plight (7 stores, no TP) he offered to mail me some. On Easter Sunday I got my care package of 3 packs of TP, hand sanitizer, Lysol and randomly, popcorn and raisins (maybe for filler?). Who needs chocolate bunnies?!? My hero!!! So glad you got your supplies!

  2. You are worth it!

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