I’m focused on being Younger.

Yes, I definitely trend towards being like totally aware of what’s trending in music, fashion, politics, sports.

Looking young is a priority, but not at the expense of a facelift.

Unless I can be guaranteed the exact same results as Jane Fonda, I cannot risk looking like a Real Housewife Of any state or county.

Anyway back to my Younger point.

My TV agent daughter turned me onto the series,Younger, and I am hooked.

I love Sutton Foster whether on Broadway or TV.

The hottie who plays Charles is a pleasure to observe.

Turns out he is Mariska Hargitay’s husband, Peter Hermann.

Recently, Hargitay was filming, Law & Order SVU on the street where I live and I told her what a smokin’ hot husband she has.

That was unexpected.

One of the actors on Younger lives in my building and I try to redirect the conversations, but she isn’t leaking any info so we keep the conversation to the weather and our doggies.

Anyway, where I am going with this is this week’s story line was about relationships existing in a bubble.

i believe that my marriage/friendship has the same zip code as the two Younger characters who are finally getting together…no divulging anything if you decide to watch which you should!

It works for us…sure the outside world often rears it’s exciting, frustrating, beautiful, ugly head, but basically it is our harmonious family unit, including one spectacular daughter and two amazing doggies against the world.

I quite enjoy living untouched in the bubble. I feel protective, protected and loved and, bonus, my hair always looks good

The NY Giants, Yankees and bills sometimes let the air out of the bubble, but other than that I enjoy being the girl in the bubble.

If you are Younger at heart, check out the dynamic series from executive producer Darren Star (Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, Sex and the City) on TV Land Tuesday’s at 10pm and catch up on seasons 1-4 on Hulu.

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  1. Omg I am recently obsessed with this show!! I just binge watched 11 episodes yesterday(2nd season into 3rd season) and had to make myself turn the tv off to take Rosebud out and then go to bed lol. I LOVE that you said that to Mariska hahaha so great. (PS Mariska means little girl in Hungarian :)) Which character lives in your building??

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