You Have Got To Be Kidding Me…

No rainbows today.

I will spell it out.


Here is the crux of the matter.

Question…How many people get off on other people’s misery?

There is someone running around Delray Beach ecstatic because they screwed someone they do not even know.

We checked in on our renovation Thursday afternoon and just missed a City Inspector who had just waltzed into our place unannounced and without  knocking.

Next thing we know we are shutdown and fined.

He claims we need a permit to lay a new floor, minor bathroom repairs and paint…have you ever?!

So we are in limbo living in a place that now resembles bombed out Beirut.

I am so heartsick that someone would go out of their way to report a simple renovation project that does not need permits.

No one is even living close to us to be bothered (no noise emanating) as the snowbirds have all taken off to their permanent residences up north or in the Midwest.

Limbo, which specifically is the aim to pass forward under a low bar without falling or dislodging the bar is much better as a dance game than a way of life.

I am also thinking there exists a very low bar for human kindness.


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  1. you can see how screw up county inspectors are and codes from bored engineering to make things difficult. Here we fought it and won.
    They can’t get important permits and inspect buildings that are dangerous to people. Look what happened to the building collapsed is murder caused by county inspection screw up.
    They are ready to take the time to fine small remodeling.
    Permits to change flooring is ridiculous and a waste of inspectors time that should be looking into buildings with real issues.
    That inspector had no right to walk into a house without asking if he could. I don’t know how building codes are there here we could argue that. It is a residential remodeling not commercial
    Look into details about how much a remodeling needs to be to require a permit. A permit to change a toilet? Give me a break.

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