You Gotta Have Heart…💜💝

My funny Valentine delivered again.

How can one man have such impeccable celebration mojo?!

I woke on a Sunday to a lovely missive on my pillow.

Valentine’s Day commenced with a hike and coffee in our Pleasantville redux town square.

A stroll through the farmer’s market as the vendors opened up was filled with visual splendor.

Next a brisk walk home for a spin.

Out the door by 11am for a mellow drive to Pasadena through verdant neighborhoods featuring vintage southern Californian mansions.

David worked hard obtaining entrance to The Huntington as tickets are very limited and are offered sparingly.

We strolled the 120 acres comprising the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens, beginning with the austere Chinese gardens which are the largest Chinese gardens outside of China.

We wound our way to the pleasing Japanese gardens featuring a drum bridge.

The highlight was the Desert garden, one of the world’s largest and oldest outdoor collections of cacti and other succulents, containing over 5,000  species from extreme environments.

Sitting in the bright sunlight and feeling the cool breeze waft through the arid area felt prehistoric.

We grabbed a cheese plate from the outdoor socially distanced restaurant and finished our 4 mile romp checking out the Library and museum architecture which was the Huntington family’s former winter home.

After 3 glorious hours and 16,000 steps we were homeward bound.

Due to Covid, the library and art museum were shuttered, but the botanical gardens offered a refreshing, safe environment to wander through without fear of Covid reprisals.

The pandemic Valentine dinner restrictions necessitated takeout and it was an Italian feast from celebrity magnet Gorgio Baldi.

To top things off my husband unveiled an entire Triple Berry Cake from the renowned, divine Sweet Lady Jane.

Another fabulous day with my perfection trending husband  and  a  future  spa  day  to  look  forward  to.



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