You Go, Joe…

Power can be intoxicating.

Biden appeared on Friday in jeans and a leather bomber jacket and he looked “fine”.

I don’t have Biden fantasies, but power does have appeal.

In my career journey through politics, sports and entertainment I spent a lot of time surrounded by power.

Thankfully, I never succumbed, but I witnessed smart, beautiful women genuflecting for power czars who were old, paunchy, mean spirited and looked better with eyes half shut.

Stepping back from the power potion, after Saturday’s vote in the Senate, I once again realized how attractive intellect and compassion are.

Add Jamie Raskin and his Congressional managers to my Valentine’s list.

In Biden’s case, yes he is now most likely considered the most powerful man in the world (even after senators tarnished America’s image, wimping out and acquitting trump), but it is his empathy, sincerity, kindness, his drive to help others that make him so captivating.


You go, Joe and a round of applause for all the super hot men of integrity and intellect…publicly you are few and far between.

My husband is a looker, but his smarts, compassion and integrity are his sexiest attributes.

As the pop philosopher Stuart Smalley says, “You’re good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.”

Phitos:ABC News

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  1. Paula Lynn Lopez says:

    Amen to that!

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