You Cannot Be Serious…


Lethargy, deep sadness, unexpected tears.

Post partum depression.

We lost more than just a race.

We have been stripped of our hope for the future for women, minorities, the environment, world peace.

I realize that the other half of the disenfranchised Americans who voted for him are struggling to make ends meet, feed their families and feel as if they are not invisible.

Now we hear their voices loud and clear.

They made a foolish,  dangerous  choice.

Real life is not Reality TV.

Their candidate is unqualified and self serving.

The big difference is Hillary is an intelligent, experienced, viable candidate.

Trump is none of the above.

Something went terribly wrong.

America went rogue.

This is not the country that I love.

When I called my daughter early Wednesday morning, I just did not know what to say other than, “I’m sorry.”

As a smart, concerned, empathetic millennial she was crushed and very worried about the future of the country.

I did tell her we need to turn this debacle into a positive.

It is time to put on our big girl panties (I literally have a few pairs) and be proactive.

We donated to Planned Parenthood.

We will work hard to pass compassion forward.

We will keep fingers crossed that he keeps his tiny hands in his pockets and never presses the nuclear button.

We can only hope that Congress is diligent with their checks and balances.

We will pray that he doesn’t get into bed with Putin.

What confuses me is that the Trump supporters voted for change and then sent all the Republican incumbents back to Washington.

How will change come about with all the same swamp dwellers?!

And speaking pollution, Trump is bringing back Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and anti-climate skeptic, Myron Ebell.


We will not go quietly.

We are Women.

Hear Us Roar.

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  1. trump is nowhere as bad as hitler as he didn’t wipe out about an entire generation, he hasn’t committed a genocide or anything.

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