Yesterday Sucked…

The best thing I can say about yesterday is I am still alive today.

Oh and the drive to Connecticut was fast and without daunting traffic.

Large issues loom.

The black cloud is establishing a permanent residence.

Another reality is our beloved doggie’s kidney is no longer ready for prime time.

Spent 6 hours sorting and repacking musty boxes on my knees.

When I finally was able to rise up I had to clean and  then scrub toilets.

Thankfully, my wonderful husband shared the day’s cruel realities.

I drove back to NYC, arriving around 9:30pm, grabbed a slice which inflicted guilt and went to sleep.

I have no words.

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  1. Beth Martin says:

    Ahhh. Poor you. My heart goes out to you. Too much at once. I say here’s to wine, pizza and ice cream.

  2. Madison says it all

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