Yanking At My Heartstrings…

It’s 12:30am and nothing good happens after midnight.

And tonight is no different.

I just got home from a raucous evening at Yankee Stadium.

The NY Yankees just lost out on the opportunity to stay in the playoffs.

The bottom of the 9th was incredibly exciting…the Yankees rallied from down 4-1, but lost 4-3 to the dreaded Boston Red Sox.

My amazing daughter treated me to a night at Yankee Stadium for game 4 of the ALDS playoff series…or as Yankee fans describe it, One and Done.

We are baked.

Put a fork in the Yankees 2018 season.

But all was not lost.

Courtny and I had a great time, despite the loss…of course, I am alone now and will probably stew about the defeat until the sun comes up.

It has been a rough sports week.

The NY Giants lost on Sunday, Syracuse lost on Saturday, the Yankees lost on Monday and Tuesday and the Giants will probably go down to defeat against the Eagles on Thursday Night Football this week.

It is a very good thing that I am not a betting woman.

It’s interesting…Courtny and I love shopping together and sharing new dining experiences, exploring museums, we are fabulous traveling partners, but our sports time is really special.

Courtny is probably the only person in the entire world that I can share these “religious” experiences with.

Going to a Yankee or NY Giants game is serious shit. I have no patience for excessive chatter unless it relates to the game at hand.

She fully comprehends the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Bathroom stops, food and merchandize shopping are off the books…it just doesn’t happen during game time.

Shopping and eating happen within the hours preceding the game.

Optimum arrival time is 2 hours before kickoff or first pitch.

Anway, win or lose, the time I spend with my daughter is rewarding, memorable and treasured.

Thank you, my darling daughter for another phenomenal shared experience.

And, footnote, the seats were rad.

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