Yankees, Wimbledon, Ivanka & Swordfish…

I’ve been holding off, but it is time.

Time to praise my NY Yankees.

What a weekend series against their nemesis, the Boston Red Sox.

It was a milestone event as it was the first Major League Baseball game in Europe.

120,000 combined fans showed up to attend 2 games lasting more than 4 hours each.

The crowd witnessed 10 home runs, 50 runs scored and 65 collective hits.

The Yankees are sustaining me for what should be a real shit show football season for the NY Giants.

Cori Gauff photo:LA Times

If you are into tennis, check out the 15 year-old American wonder kid and rising star, Cori Gauff.

Cori defeated Venus Williams, her idol, in straight sets on Centre Court at Wimbledon yesterday.’

She is tenacious, smart, talented and plays in the second round tomorrow.

And speaking of women to watch in England, at 3pm ET today, the U.S. women’s soccer team is taking on England in the semifinals of the Women’s World Club.

Enough sports.

I’m donning my chef jacket and sautéing fresh swordfish.

I whipped up an olive, heirloom tomato and basil tapenade.

I am serving the fish with farm fresh corn and mashed potatoes accented with creme fraiche and lemon zest.

Happy eating everyone.

Photo: business insider

BTW, not to make you nauseous, but WTF was Ivanka Trump doing in the mix at the G-20 summit and then at the DMZ with Kim Jong-un…food for thought.

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